Witham Dart League

Secretary - John Dudley
07773 140028
Winter 2019/20
Secretary/Results John Dudley
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League Notice

Results need to be received at latest, by the Friday following each match (preferably straight after game by Txt)
  • You can txt them to 07773 140028, take a snap of sheet and txt it or use the on line result form. Please note that photos of result sheets should be emailed (NOT Txtd) to make it easier to print off hard copies. Emailed Photos can replace sending original sheets in.
  • You can post sheets to me, you can scan sheet and email so that I can store it. However unless you can send a clear photo showing the entire sheet clearly. (needs to show the full sheet showing 180s and both captains signatures) it wont be accepted
  • Weekly Results will be updated once all the results have been confirmed each week and the League Tables will be updqated at the same time.
  • To satisfy those players who play the 19's I will also create a chart of 171+s although there is no cup for this, It will acknowledge those on the web site.
  • 180's hit in K.O Cups arent added as some teams will obviously be playing more games than some others which would make it more unfair.

If I miss anything out on the web site, please let me know and I will correct it.

ple phone call or txt sorts it out as several teams will acknowledge from previous seasons.

I very much apologise to all the other teams that I know appreciate the information thats made avaiable via the web site. I have made lots of friends within this league.
I do feel extremely bitter at being accused of using this position to manipulate scores and 180s etc, and anyone that knows me well realizes how laughable that is. With no apology likely or forthcoming, I am tempted in pulling the site and going back to monthly meetings and periodic table updates etc But 99% of players actually appreciate the info on the web site and I dont see why we should take a step back because of a the misguided actions of just one or two people

2019 Winter Season
Division 1 & 2
2 Trio's 701, 3 Pairs 601, 6 Singles 501 best of 3
11 points in total
Home team throw 1st in Trios and then its alternating start through to last single. Straight off, no double start (With the exception of the Knockout Cup games)

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