Venues and Dates - Dengie Hundred Darts league

Summer Season 2022
Dengie Hundred Invitation Darts League
John (Secretary)
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Venues and Dates

League Knockouts
Please read the rules regarding the formats etc.
There will be a pre registration system for those wishing to take part.

Venues are as follows

 Rules for Knockouts (Updated for Winter 2019/20)

The Home team for selected knockout venues should be prepared to organize the draw and report results after the match, If a Committee member isnt available on the night. Sheets required can be downloaded from the web site under the spare sheets section.

 (All boards within the league should have adequate lighting and a raised Oche and the board should be in good condition).
A Volunteer chalker is required to start the first game and from then on, the loser (or one of the losers in the event it’s a pairs or trios)  should stay to chalk the following game. If you dont stay and chalk the following game (if required) you will not be allowed to enter any other knockout this season
The draw should be a blind draw and a toss of a coin by the chalker will establish who starts the game playing 1st and 3rd. No Bull Start, Straight off. first player on sheet to call.
The formats are as follows.
Where 2 boards are available, A single draw should be made with the next players on, being allocated the next free board. Players cannot select their own prefered board. since all throws vary somewhat, this is the fairest way to proceed.
Trio’s:  Play down to the last 2 Trio’s with the last two playing in the Final on Finals night.
Pairs:  Play down to the last 4 pairs  with the last four playing Semis and Final on finals night.
Singles: This is a two venue event with each venue using two boards where possible.  Play down to last 2 singles at each venue.
Teams are required to distribute their players equally (or as near as) to the two venues in the Singles Knockout.
Div 1 may enter unlimited players to each knockout.
Div 2 may enter 2 Trios, 3 Pairs and 4 Singles per team. In the case of Singles, no more than 2 from each team are allowed at each of the 2 venues (4 players in total. In the event that the singles knockout is poorly attended, additional players from each team may be allowed to enter (Div 2) but only at the discression of the Committee and only if both singles venues are equally supported.
Venues are selected on suitability, not on their ranking on the league tables. Winning or coming runner up in your division does not guarantee a knockout venue. Teams that do not send players to away venues will not receive a knockout venue the following season. Venues that have been unsuitable or where complaints have been received repeatedly  will not be offered a knockout. There is a shortage of two board venues within the league and venues that can provide 2 boards will be given priority.
A Result sheet showing the draw and result should be returned to John Dudley, 15 St Nicholas Road, Tillingham,  CM0 7SQ   or they may be posted through the letterbox at – 6 Darcy Avenue, Maldon. (off Jersey Rd and Park Drive), Maldon. Please keep a note of which teams took part and how many players are present. A copy of this along with a copy of the Actual draw sheet(s) must also to be forwarded to John Dudley asap after the match
Sheets for this can be found on the "Spare Sheets" page of the web site HERE and will be available prior to the knockouts starting.
John Dudley (Sec)  07773 140028 (any Time)     or 9.30 – 5.30 Mon to Fri  on 01621 778778

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