Notice Board - dengie Hundred Darts league

Winter Season 2021-22
Dengie Hundred Darts League
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Notice Board

Point Deductions This Season

Red Lion - 2 Point deduction for not completing results sheet as per rules on 27th Oct (rule 16c)
Vice Captain played or Default point
In the event of a tie in captains games, Vice and default wins will not count
Team Date Date Date Date Date Date
Borough Arms 20/10/2021          
Queens Head 27/10/2021          
Woodham Village 03/11/2021          
Roundbush 17/11/2021          
Team Registration Sheets In Pre 29th October 2021 deadline
Team IN
Heybridge Inn yes
White Swan yes
Borough Arms yes
Queens Head yes
Blackwater Bar yes
Pearly Bell yes
Red Lion yes
The Norton yes
Drifters yes
White Horse yes
Woodham Bell yes
Roundbush yes
Village Hall yes
Welcome sailor yes
Old Vics yes
Royal Oak yes
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