League Rules - Dengie Hundred Darts league

Summer Season 2022
Dengie Hundred Invitation Darts League
John (Secretary)
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League Rules

League Rules (updated 29th August 2021)

AMENDMENTS TO RULES FOR COVID. (Please read carefully)

  • Where at all possible, All venues should try to provide adequate ventilation.
  • Hand Sanitizer should be available throughout the evening for both teams.
  • Hand shaking is not obligatory or advised and Fist bumps or elbow taps are very much prefered.
  • Any player with ANY possible Covid symptom should not attend any match (This also applies after a change in the law stating positive tested people do not have to isolate)
  • Any player that has a positive test for Covid MUST notify league immediately and team members will be requested to take a test before attending any further matches. Secretary will also notify any team that has recently come into contact with those players and will also be advised to take the test.

Other League Rules

1. All teams must register with the league.

2. Registration Fee is set for each season and fees must be paid in full at the EGM/AGM. Failure to pay fees at this time may result in the team being excluded from the forthcoming season.

3. Registration forms must be filled in correctly and sent to the Results secretary: Mr John Dudley, 15 St Nicholas Rd, Tillingham, CM0 7SQ. Teams failing to send in their forms before the halfway point may not be eligible to enter their team players into any "end of season" knockouts.

4. No new players can register after the halfway stage of the season, unless with Committee approval.

5. No player is allowed to play for more than one team in a season unless their team pulls out of the league before the halfway point.

6. No team is allowed to change Venue without committee approval, and new venue, if acceptable must be checked for suitabilty (Oche/Board/Lighting etc) by Committee prior to being accepted. All venues need to be in the league catchment area of The Dengie hundred/Maldon.

6b. New and existing venues must be made available if required or on receipt of a complaint, to be checked for suitable and acurate Oche's measurements and Lighting etc.

7. Match Format-
Division 1 & 2
2 x Trios, 1 leg 701
3 x Pairs, 1 leg 601
6 x Singles 1 leg 501
6 x Singles 1 leg 501
1 x captains 1 leg 501

1 Point is available for each game 18 points in total including captains point

Captains game to be played by the captain, if the captain is unavailable then the vice captain can play this game. No other player to play this game.  Should neither captain or Vice be available, the point will go to the opposition.

7b. 180s and 100+ shotouts and -20 dart legs which are hit in the captains will now count as normal.
All games are straight start finishing on a double or bulls eye

8. Away team to start first then alternate until the captains and Away captain will throw first in captains game.  The Home team lay their cards down 1st face down.

9. Teams may select their Trios & Pairs but all match pairings must be decided by a blind draw by the opposing Captain.  A team must field a minimum of 4 players.  If four players are available then the team with 6 players (home or away) will lay down 6 cards first . The team with four players will cover any 4 cards and the two cards not covered receive an automatic win. This is the fairest method as it would not be fair to penalize the team that turned out with 6 players.  You are not allowed to play with 3 or less players. A game cannot be postponed and if only 3 or less players are available on the night, an 11-0 win will be awarded to the other team.

A team Fielding just 4 players may play 1 x trebles  and 2 x pairs and 4 in each group of singles.  11 points are available and a win is still possible with just 4 players

10.  No player is allowed to play twice in the same section.

No matches to be called off.  If this rule is not followed then £10 will have to be paid directly to the other team to cover wasted food etc. There are no postponements or re-arranged games allowed.

Postponements are no longer allowed.

It is advised that all captains ensure they have adequate players to cover sickness or Holidays etc. There are no exceptions to this rule which applies to all teams in all divisions

12.  At no time can double point games be played.

13.  Each team to supply a good match board it must be at a height 5’8" to bulls eye and a raised oche at a distance of 7’9 ¼" to the board. The board must be suitably lit without shadows etc.

14.  Chalk board or white board dry wipe board to be supplied for scoring and teams MUST use competent chalkers

15. The home board must be opened to away players for practise from 8.15 onwards. Matches should be started no later than 8.30 Teams arriving late – Opponents can claim 1 trios  if game not started by 8.45 and 2 x Trios if games not started by 9pm.

The Home Captain may call the visiting team to make the first Trios draw at 8.30 and only players in attendance and signed in may be added to this draw. a short delay may be allowed if a player is arriving shortly but this is at the discretion of the Home Captain only.

A player arriving after draw has completed cannot be added to that draw but may take part in any further draws for that match. There is no deadline for players to sign in but each player must be signed in before the following draw is made. ( If a player signs on after the Pairs draw has been completed, that player cannot be substituted into the pairs but will be able to be entered into both singles draws)

16a. (Updated Rule (2019) . Winning team captain must notify results before 12.00 Friday lunchtime following match. Any team failing to notify result by the deadline will have TWO points removed from their total.  Penalty will apply to a team not submitting a result in the form of a two point deduction. Notify results by – Tel / Txt John on 07773-140028, or League "Whatsapp", Use the on line result form,   or email justdartsuk@gmail.com  best method is txt or whatsapp straight after match. Its is recommended that each team allocates a player who would be responsible for notifying result although it is generally the captains responsibility
Result sheets must be returned to John Dudley (address on the result sheet) this must arrive on or by the following Tuesday or sheets may be put through letterbox at 6 Darcy Avenue (off Park Drive), Maldon if convenient and to save you postage. If a sheet is overdue, HOME TEAM will be deducted 2 points. The Data entered on the sheet, signed by both captains is acceptable, Any alterations must be put in writing and sent to secretary, signed by both Captains.  Sheets not received by the Monday following the match, I will post details of on our Whatsapp giving that team time to return sheet and save a penalty

Match result sheet must be made available to both teams from the home captain. This is the home captains responsibility. This should be completed by all players prior to the start of the match. Failing to ensure the sheet is completed by both teams will constitute a 2 point deduction penalty. Note that every player should be signed on the sheet BEFORE being placed in the draw, you cannot place a player in a draw unless they are on site and available (NOT, ON THE WAY).

17a. Complaints to be made in writing only and sent to John Dudley (League Secretary) Committee decisions are final.
Any player reported for bad behaviour or offensive or Racist conduct will be barred from the league for following season. A life Bann may be applied in more serious complaints if upheld.
Complaints need to be in writing (Letter or Email to Secretary) and where possible, should be made within 14 days of offence where at all possible, and may be submitted by any registered player.  Complaints received later than 14 days, depending on seriousness of complaint may still be actioned by Committee but may result in less action being able to be taken without a very good reason for delay.

17b. Any player bringing the game into disrepute by not respecting fellow players or that makes personal remarks in such a manner as to bring the league into disrepute will be subject to disciplinary action at the Committe's discretion and which may include limited suspension from the league or even a total ban

Postponement games. THERE ARE NO POSTPONEMENTS. Please give adequate notice if you have to cancel and both captains for non played matches MUST Notify Secretary stating which team actually cancelled,  certainly within 24 hours

17d. In the event of extreme weather causing unsafe travel for the majority of teams, a blanket cancellation of all fixtures for that day will apply and a 0 - 0 result entered. If only one or two teams are affected, the committee will determine what action is required and their decision is final. We will not put our teams or players safety at undue risk

The committee will use comments and suggestions from as many captains as we can make contact with on the day and will make a decision based on those. teams able to travel may play the fixture but it will be as a friendly with no points given, if a Match Ban has been issued.

18. Any team that drops out after season has started may not be invited back. Team fee’s are not refundable.

Captains Cup. In the event of a draw at the end of the season, a play off will be done on finals night (format best of 3 x 501) however if any of the captains games were played by the vice, or were awarded through a cancelled game, these games be not be counted in the event of a draw. This includes all captains games played by the Vice or captains points awarded through a cancelled game.

20.  A Mid season Captains meeting may be held if deemed necessary

21. Only players aged 16 and above may play in this league. Any players who join teams and are under 16 will have all their points deducted and disciplinary action may be taken against the team.

22. All Team and individual Trophies or Shields that are presented for display in venue are, and remain the property of the Dengie hundred Invitation League. They must be displayed and kept in good condition. They must be available for collection at the end of term. All Trophies must be returned immediately should a venue leave the league. Damage to trophies or loss/failure to return on request will result in that team/venue being charged for replacement of outstanding trophies/shields

23. The Committee have the authority to enforce rules and any decisions made by the committee are final.

24. In order to take part in the end of season knockouts, a player must have taken part and played in at least 2 Fixture matches and have been entered on results sheets for those occassions.

In some extreme circumstances, it might become necessary for a rule to be lifted or modified to ensure fairness in certain situations. This isnt done lightly but is a right reserved based on a joint committee decision that where possible is discussed with team captains.

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