Knockout Cup - dengie Hundred Darts league

Winter Season 2021-22
Dengie Hundred Darts League
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Knockout Cup

Knockout Cup
Rules for the Knockout Cup. (Not Played in the Winter League)
1st Round
Play 6 singles,  3 Pairs,   6 Singles (Normal league format)
1st team to reach 8 points goes through.

Semi Final (2nd Round)  (1st Round Consolation Cup)
As with 1st Round, play 6 Singles, 3 Pairs, 6 Singles.
First team to 8 Points Goes through.

Final (Played over 2 matches)
All participating players in final must have played at least 3 league games during this season
Round 1
As above play 6 singles, 3 pairs, 6 Singles with 1 point per leg won. Play ALL Legs. (Total 15 points)
Round 2
Venues are reversed and once again play 6 singles, 3 pairs, 6 singles. Play ALL Legs (15 points)
Total points for both Rounds. team with the most points win the Cup.
In the event of a draw after both Rounds are completed, Each team captain to select a player who will
play a best of 3 (501) to determine the ultimate winner.
Please ensure that you complete a weekly registration/Result sheet with Players Names, as well as a score sheet.
Please remember to submit both team result points after each game, via txt to 07773-140028

There is no Knockout Cup in the Winter League
The Knockout Cup Draw will be shown below. Consolation Cup Draw will be made after the 1st Round Knockout game.
The draw will be shown below

1st Round Knockout Cup
Semi Final Knockout Cup
1st Heat Final Knockout Cup
2nd Heat Final Knockout Cup
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