19 or less darts - Dengie Hundred Darts league

Summer Season 2022
Dengie Hundred Invitation Darts League
John (Secretary)
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19 or less darts

Only add a short leg of 19 darts or under please.
19 or under single winning leg must be entered on the result sheet.
All short legs on result sheets will be shown on the list below.
Note: This is just a bit of fun and trophies are not generaly given at this time but the top one of the season will be displayed in the Role of honour for that year.
Normaly Updated for previous weeks games
Division 1 19 or less darts   Division 2 19 or less darts
Name Team Darts Used   Name Team Darts Used
D Haylock White Horse 15   M Gunfield Woodham Village 15
D Parmenter Heybridge Inn 16   Dave Bennett Hardys 16
Paul Turner Old Vics 17   Roy Laybourn Hardys 17
C Kingsford White Horse 17   M Noon Woodham Village 18
Luke Dique Woodham Bell 17   J Mansfield Woodham Village 18
J Salter Royal Oak 17   Roy Laybourn Hardys 18
Nik Firkins Old Vics 18   S Darkins Borough Arms 18
Tony Blackburn Woodham Bell 18   M Gunfield Woodham Village 19
Allan Sheldrake Woodham Bell 18        
Dave Sage Old Vics 18        
M Johnson Woodham Bell 18        
Tony Blackburn Woodham Bell 19        
J Salter Royal Oak 19        
James Wrtight Old Vics 19        
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