101+ C/O - Dengie Hundred Darts league

Summer Season 2022
Dengie Hundred Invitation Darts League
John (Secretary)
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101+ C/O

This season I will be adding all 101 or more shotouts including multiples from one player. I think thats fair and can highlight players doing particularly well.
Note though, that these will only be added and updated once every sheet has been received, so there will be occasional delays with updates.

Division 1

Division 2

Normaly Updated for previous weeks games
Division 1 101+   Division 2 101+
Player Team C/O   Player Team C/O
Paul Turner Old Vics 155 Ian Nice White Swan 122
D Haylock White Horse 116 J Mansfield Woodham Town 106
Dave Sage Old Vics 115 Pat Milton Blackwater Bar 102
M Thurkettle White Horse 115 Jay Amos The Norton 101
Dave Sage Old Vics 113 M tanner Norton 101
M Cain Royal Oak 110      
M Johnson Woodham Bell 110      
J Wright Old Vics 108      
Dan Haylock White Horse 108      
N Johnson Heybridge Inn 107      
Roy Crowther White Horse 104      
J Salter Royal Oak 103      
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