101+ C/O - dengie Hundred Darts league

Winter Season 2021-22
Dengie Hundred Darts League
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101+ C/O

As Trophies are only awarded for the Highest shot out and to cut down on work load a little, Only each players highest shot out will be displayed here. ie if a player already has a 120 shot out shown, and he/she then hits a 140 for instance, only the 140 will be displayed here so there will only be one high shot out displayed per player (their highest).
Please note that there may be a short period before any new shot outs are shown as only shot outs that appear on the result sheet will be counted so until result sheets are received updates cannot be shown. Because of this, there is no need (or no point) In sending SHOT OUTS/180S/OR SHORT LEGS In your result txts or emails, all thats required is the actual final score and captains winner.

Division 1

Division 2

Normaly Updated for previous weeks games
Division 1 101+   Division 2 101+
Player Team C/O   Player Team C/O
Mick Smith White Horse 146 Peter Griffiths Borough arms 117
Alan Sheldrake Woodham Bell 129 Fred Harbour Red Lion 109
Jay Amos The Norton 115 P Kelly Red Lion 104
Bobby Lee White Horse 110 Ian Queens Head 102
Rob Cain Royal Oak 110      
S Rawlings Royal Oak 106      
Tony Blackburn Woodham Bell 102      
C Wakefield Woodham Bell 102      
T Bownes Old Vics 102      
Only each players best C/O is shown Only each players best C/O is shown
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