- 20 darts - dengie Hundred Darts league

Winter Season 2021-22
Dengie Hundred Darts League
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- 20 darts

Only add a short leg of 19 darts or under please.
19 or under single winning leg must be entered on the result sheet.

Note: This is just a bit of fun and trophies are not given at this time but the top one of the season will be displayed in the Role of honour for that year.
Normaly Updated for previous weeks games
Division 1 under 20 dart leg (singles)   Division 2 under 20 dart leg (singles)
Name Team Darts Used   Name Team Darts Used
Alan Sheldrake Woodham Bell 15   Fred Harbour Red Lion 18
Mick Smith White Horse 15   Steve Laybourn Borough Arms 18
C Wakefield Woodham Bell 15        
Carl Wakefield Woodham Bell 17        
R Turner Royal Oak 17        
S Rawlings Royal Oak 18        
J Wright Old Vics 18        
Paul Turner Old Vics 19        
Dan Haylock White Horse 19        
D Sage Old Vics 19        
Only each players best leg is shown   Only each players best leg is shown
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