Dengie Hundred Darts league

Summer Season 2022
Dengie Hundred Invitation Darts League
John (Secretary)
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Result sheets reminders

Just a reminder For matches played 8th June. Sheets not received yet (updated daily)
All In

Just a reminder For matches played 22nd June. Sheets not received yet (updated daily)

All In
Just a reminder For matches played 29th June. Sheets not received yet (updated daily)
Welcome Sailor - Roundbush - Heybridge Inn - Old Vics
League Announcement
This is an Advisary notice to update those players in the league that did not attend the Emergency meeting to discuss disciplinary action regarding complaint brought against Mike Whiteley.
After long deliberation, and following guidelines from previous similar actions, it was agreed by League majority that a Ban from all league activity be in place starting 30th June 2022, ending at the end of the Winter season next year. As the Ban is in place, the post of Chairman becomes vacant, and to keep league running smoothly, Carl Kingsford has agreed to stand in as Caretaker Chairman on a  temporary basis, to allow the league to continue correctly for the Summer season to complete. I have received notice from interested partys to apply for the position on a more permanent basis but more on that nearer the end of the season when once seconded, a general league vote can be made at the AGM on 14th September.
Finally, It has also been asked that Mike offers a written apology to the League in general, which can be done and placed on here. I believe an apology has also been made I believe to Kim, Royal Oak landlord, who has also felt the effect of this unfortunate business.
John Dudley (Secretary), Roy Crowther (Treasurer)  Mark Harvey (Trophies)

League Announcement

League Summer Knockout Cup Finals
Div 1
Royal Oak Vs Mundon White Horse
Div 2
Hardys Vs Woodham Village Hall

Note. These finals are to be played on Neutral Boards
Div 1 Final to be played at Heybridge Inn
Div 2 Final to be played at Mundon White Horse

Note that there is no Home team and Chalking and throwing first
will be alternate as with previous rounds.
Results must be notified before Friday 12 noon following the game.
You can leave a message on whatsapp (DHDL) (quickest & easiest, straight after the match)
TXT - 07773-140028
You can send an email to (Subject = Result)
Result sheets Should be received by the following Tuesday post.
A 2 Point deduction May be applied to home team if sheets arrive Late.

The Dengie Hundred Darts League is a long established league playing throughout the Dengie and Maldon area.
Teams currently taking part are
White Horse (2 teams), Hardy's (was Red Lion), Woodham Village Hall, Queens Head, White Swan (Bicknacre), Borough Arms, Purleigh Bell, Welcome Sailor, Roundbush, Heybridge Inn, Royal Oak, Blackwater Bar, The Norton, Queen Vic (Old Vics), Woodham Bell.
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