dengie Hundred Darts league

Winter Season 2021-22
Dengie Hundred Darts League
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League Announcements
All Team Registrations are now In.

Additional Notices

For additional Info including when Vice has played captains game and Where point deduction have been applied etc
Click HERE or view "Notice Board"
Nothing else to report. All good here
Results must be notified before Friday 12 noon following the game.
TXT - 07773-140028 (quickest & Easiest, straight after match)
You can leave a message on whatsApp (DHDL)
You can send an email to
You can complete a result form from web site HERE
(Note: I only need the final score and captains winner. 180s etc are only taken from result sheet)
Both Teams are advised to notify result but there is a 2 point deduction
against the Home Team if results are not received before 12.00pm Fri.
Result sheets Should be received by the following Tuesday post.
A 2 Point deduction will be applied to home team if sheets arrive Late.
You can post sheets through the door at 6 Darcy Avenue, Off Park Drive.
You can scan your sheet and email (email address above) as a PDF file. (there are many free Apps that will allow you to scan an image using your iPhone or Android device and send as pdf email)
Please dont take a Photo and txt as any Txt's with attachments get auto deleted and I wont see them.

The Dengie Hundred Darts League is a long established league playing throughout the Dengie and Maldon area.
Teams currently taking part are
White Horse (2 teams), Red Lion, Woodham Village Hall, Queens Head, White Swan (Bicknacre), Borough Arms, Purleigh Bell, Welcome Sailor, Roundbush, Heybridge Inn, Royal Oak, Blackwater Bar, The Norton, Queen Vic (Old Vics), Woodham Bell.
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